In a pickle

Not content with mangoes, Parul Bhatt also pickles carrots, cauliflower and capsicum

Parul Bhatt was probably the only person in Chennai who was upset when it drizzled recently. “I had just placed all my pickles on the terrace to dry,” she says, adding, “March to June is my favourite season as I get the best quality mangoes then and can make many batches.”

Bhatt launched her traditional Gujarati pickles three years ago. “I grew up in Ahmedabad and came to Chennai after marriage. My mom would send me a variety of Gujarati pickles, as we Gujaratis are passionate about our pickles. After some years I started pickling, having learnt all the tricks and nuances from my mom.”

Four years ago, Bhatt began bottling chundamethia keri and gor keri pickles and distributing it to friends. Based on their feedback, she modified the recipes and by the next year, she was selling her pickles under the brand Parul’s Magic.


Having lived in Chennai, Bhatt says she has developed a taste for vadu manga of Tamil Nadu and aavakai of Andhra. “But for me and many from my community, traditional Gujarati pickles are a must have. I decided to sell my pickles as there were not many options in the city,”.......Read more


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