Chefs focus on wild edibles like ferns and nettles that pack a lot of nostalgia and flavour

Purabi Shridhar has vivid memories of foraging for wild edibles during her childhood, spent amid lush fields and forests in Shillong. “There is one particular saag which grows only near little pockets of stagnant muddy water. I remember going along with some friends to help them gather it and getting a royal punishment at home for filthy, muddied clothes,” reminisces Shridhar, a Delhi-based writer.

Naren Thimmaiah, executive chef of the Gateway Hotel on Residency Road in Bengaluru, had similar childhood experiences of scouting for ferns which would grow seasonally by the streams and ponds of Kodagu. “My mother does a brilliant stir-fry of therme toppu, with onionsgreen chillies and mustard. There is another wild creeper called basale, a vine spinach of sorts, which is made into a curry with dal,” he says....................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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