Bitter Sour Symphony

Right from acidic shrubs and bitter salad greens to unsweetened brews and zesty dressings, bitter and sour flavours are gracing our food menus like never before...

Bitter is having a sweet moment. It sits pretty in our salad bowl, simmers in our morning cuppa and adds that much-needed edginess to our main course. It's shocking to the tastebuds and has health benefits too. The new foodie is also done with tried and tested seasonings and looking for new, exciting flavours.

A matter of taste
Chef Vikram Khatri says, "Combining stark essences like bitter and sour creates an 'umami' flavour - a pleasant savoury taste in Japanese cuisine that's highly sought after by diners the world over." Indians have always sworn by bitter's medicinal and harmonising ability, and Khatri uses a lot of Japanese bitter gourd (Goya Chanpuru) and the bittery versions of greens like kale, bathua and cholai in salads instead of the safer spinach. He also uses green tea for salad dressings and desserts..................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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