Tea from a spray can promises end to soggy bags

If there is one thing the British enjoy, it is a good cup of tea and one English drinks maker has come up with an unusual way of making the brew - sprayed into a cup from an aerosol can.

No More Tea Bags is pre-brewed and dispensed from an aluminium spray can. Drinkers squirt a small amount of the concentrated tea into a cup, and add hot water and milk if desired.

"It was really about just trying to make a better cup of tea," maker Guy Woodall, whose Yum Cha Drinks company sells iced tea, told Reuters at his farm. 

"Of course there's an element of convenience with this and not having a soggy tea bag to get rid of at the end of it."

Woodall uses wine-making equipment to make the equivalent of a giant pot of tea to produce the spray, one can of which yields about 20 cups of average strength tea.....................Read more



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