Swiss stores to sell bug burgers

Would you eat a burger made from insects? Will insect balls be your next favourite delicacy? Well, maybe not in India but a supermarket in Switzerland will start selling both from next week. Switzerland’s first insect-based food aimed at humans will go on sale following a revision of the country’s food safety laws, a supermarket chain has said. Coop, th country’s second-largest supermarket chain, announced it would begin selling an insect burger, and insect balls, based on protein-rich mealworm.

The products, made by a Swiss start-up called Essento, will be available in a handful of Coop branches, including in Geneva, Bern and Zurich, as of August 21, according to a statement. Switzerland is the first European country to authorise the sale of insect-based food items for human consumption, a spokeswoman for the country’s food safety authority said...................Read more


Source: Deccan Chronicle

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