Sweet, slow and sumptuous

From being tapped from the palmyra tree to being boiled down to a rich amber delight, we trace the journey of jaggery

Bodipalayam is just over an hour’s drive from Coimbatore and I can’t wait to see how palm jaggery, colloquially known as panang karupatti, is made. The overcast sky, cool breeze and swaying palms further set the mood.

This small habitation has just over 60 families who are involved in this trade. There were more, but the large-scale felling of palmyra trees has led to a drastic reduction over the years. The jaggery makers are highly skilled in their craft.

Still rooted

Nothing has changed in the way they work. They follow the same methods of tapping, procuring and processing the palm sugar as they have been for generations, says Murugesh, at whose workplace we have gathered...................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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