New Maggi products for low-income market

Nestle India has launched two new products – Maggi Masala-ae-Magic and Maggi Rasile Chow. A press release states that it is pioneering low-price concepts for the bottom of the pyramid.

Ms Shivani Hegde, General Manager (Foods), Nestle India, was quoted as saying that these products were developed to address the widespread concern about micronutrient malnutrition in India. Rasile Chow has been developed especially for the rural/semi-urban markets to provide a low-cost, light meal fortified with iron. Masala-ae-Magic is a taste enhancer containing iron, iodine and Vitamin A, the press release says.

Masala-ae-Magic, available in single-use sachets for Rs 2, has been developed with technology from Nestle R&D in Singapore. Rasile Chow, gravy noodles that can be cooked in two minutes, will be available for Rs 4 a pack. The company will soon launch a nutrition education programme for its target market, beginning with Dharavi in Mumbai.......Click for more



Source Web Page: Business Line

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