An aroma of nostalgia: on ghee from Rasipuram

Tuesday is a busy day in Rasipuram, the town in Namakkal district that has been known for its distinctive type of ghee(clarified butter) for several decades.

For it is on Tuesday that farmers from nearby villages, like Vadugam, Kailasapalayam, Pattanam, Puthupalayam, Poimankaradu and Attayapatti among others, travel to Rasipuram’s weekly sandhai (market) with their containers of home-churned butter, along with fresh produce and livestock.

In the form of ghee, this butter (stored in water baths rather than refrigerators) becomes valuable for farmers who are looking to do some shopping of their own.

“Most of the farmers raise cash for their sandhai purchases by selling the gheethat we melt for them. They usually bring a kilo or two of butter that they have collected by churning yoghurt at home for a week,” says N Thangavel, a fourth-generation ghee trader in Rasipuram....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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