Ants in my chutney

A look at the tribal foods of Chhattisgarh reveals a coming together of the land and its people

The familiarity of the unknown sometimes surprises us. Sitting under the sprawling shade of a tamarind tree, the Chhattisgarhi thali in front of me had that effect—a bowl of white steamed rice surrounded by sides of boiled and spiced cauliflower and potato, khatti bhaji (local leafy greens), sabudana poppadum, a bowl of soupy toor dal and large chunks of raw onion. I was at the Gadh Kaleva restaurant in the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, one of the few places in Raipur that claims to serve local food. And although the thali was delicious, I wondered how much it represented the diversity of the state..................Read more


Source: livemint

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