A nutritious fusion

When asked to prepare a dish during the first round of the MasterChef Chennai contest, Kavitha Bothra decided to prepare a sponge cake made from semiya payasam, blueberry sandesh and carrot cheese kheer. This got her selected as one of the ten participants to enter the second round, where they were to prepare two dishes with a secret ingredient, which was pumpkin. Kavitha eventually won the competition, which was held in February this year.

I love fusion food and creating unique food. I try to make dishes that haven’t been made before, recipes that people have never tried. I base what I want to prepare on foods I’ve eaten before or tried when I travel,” said the 40-year-old. She explained that she bases her dishes on Chinese, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines. Some of the dishes she makes are pani puri pizza, guacamole vada and rasam made from dates, raw mango and tomato. She has also made puran poli waffles, pesto and beetroot tart with hung curd, and Mongolian pav bhaji.

On her cooking process, Kavitha said, “Whenever I eat something interesting, I have this urge to come home and improve the recipe. I need to try out my recipe within seven to eight hours. I can’t explain how I get certain ideas, but most of the recipes I try turn out to be delicious. I never compromise on taste, and I try to make it as healthy as possible as well.” She began experimenting with her cooking seven years ago. Kavitha credits her innovative nature to her background in jewellery designing, and finds cooking to be another creative outlet.Read more

Source web page : New Indian Express

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