There is water at the end of the suranga

IN the middle of a 30-acre areca orchard, a short PVC pipe attached to the mouth of two narrow tunnels oozes out water into a 30,000-litre irrigation tank.  The thin water supply has not stopped for the past 40 years, says Dhanyachandroji alias Gangadhar Rao (65), owner of the orchard at Mulankode near Kundamkuzhi in Bandaduka panchayat. “Day and night, the water falls into a mud tank we call madhakam. This is enough to irrigate my property,” says the full-time farmer.

Malayalees call such manmade tunnels turangam and the Kannada-speakers call them suranga. They are unique to northern parts of Kasargod and southern parts of Dakshina Kannada. Rural journalist Sree Padre, who has worked extensively on water-harvesting, calls them the “the lifeline” of people in the hills...............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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