Return of the natives, thanks to a check-dam

In Dholpur, Rajasthan, water availability triggers reverse migration


Saal maiin 8 mahinai kaam ke liye Mumbai jaatey hai, aur baki samay wapas yahan kheti kartey hai (For eight months in the year we travel to Mumbai for work and the remaining months we do farming here),” says Gangaram Singh, from Tontari village, Dholpur district, Rajasthan.

For several years, Dholpur district has been reeling under severe water challenges with not enough water to drink or for irrigation, cooking or to feed the animals. The district being primarily an agricultural area, this has been a major cause of concern for the villagers.

But now, things seem to be changing. “Ab dheere dheere log wapas aaney lagey hai kyoki paani 12 mahinai milta hai (Now, slowly, people are coming back to the village as water is available for 12 months),” says Singh.

What has changed the landscape of Tontari — where villagers regale visitors with tales of Paan Singh Tomar and Phoolan Devi who hail from their area — are two masonry check-dams on the river Bamani.

In terms of ground water, some years ago, this particular district came under the ‘critical category’. There was an urgent need to create additional storage of rainwater and facilitate local groundwater recharge.....Read more


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