Perungalathur lake encroachment: How serious is government about preventing another Chennai flood?

In his beautiful, old-world home in Perungalathur, on the outskirts of Chennai, Michael Santhanam, 70, a retired forest ranger delves into memory. “In 1994, when I first moved here, ours was pretty much the only house,” he says. “There were paddy fields all around and one could see the other end of the huge lake.” Santhanam is referring to the Perungalathur Periya Eri (“big lake” in Tamil) just behind his house in Karthikeyan Nagar. The lake, initially covering 154 hectares, is now a fraction of its original size — 54 hectares. This lake in fact gave the area its name — “Perum–Kulam–Oor” (the place with a big lake) subsequently morphed to Perungalathur. 

Since the late 1990s, Santhanam and his family watched in horror as buildings cropped up....................Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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