Reusable bags in the spotlight

Abhiramapuram residents’ association launches ‘carry-your-own-shopping bag’ campaign

On April 4, Abhiramapuram Neighbourhood Residents’ Association (AbhiNeRA) launched a campaign to encourage residents to carry their own bags while shopping, and not accept any bags from shops.

The campaign was launched at two grocery and supply stores in the neighbourhood.

“The overuse of plastic bags, which are freely supplied by shops, has been causing a huge problem in terms of garbage disposal, as they end up in landfills. This campaign is meant to address this issue,” says Sushi Natraj, a member of AbhiNeRA.

“We have been speaking to shop owners individually. But we decided to take up this initiative to ensure greater results.”

The association procured reusable bags emblazoned with ‘Say No To Plastic’ and ‘Carry Your Own Shopping Bag’ lines...Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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