Plastic waste: What man has wrought the bugs try to solve

It is estimated that 60 cities across India generate over 15,000 tons of plastic waste every day and almost 6 million tons per year

The tiny landlocked African country Rwanda has banned plastic bags since a few years. The ban has made this war-torn nation much cleaner. Kenya has just announced a ban on plastic bags, and a fine of 4 years in prison and/or $40,000. The Kenyan seacoast has mountains of plastic waste, making life on land, and in the sea, difficult. Another African nation, Morocco, with a coastline of 1,800 km, has had such a ban for almost a decade. It is time that India, with its 7,500-km coastline, learns from these Africans and bans plastic bags and related stuff before we too choke our seacoasts—and land, too—into a man-made disaster...................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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