No longer the road less travelled

Plastic remains one of the most discussed wastes. According to data released by the Central Pollution Control Board, in 2016 the country generated around 15,342 tonnes of plastic waste daily, of which, 9,205 tonnes was reported to be recycled. The remaining 6,137 tonnes was left littered or uncollected.

Despite several attempts to decrease the use of plastic by legislation, it has clearly not happened. And though, over the years, several States have declared a blanket ban on plastic, none of them can boast of much success.

It is to combat this pollution by plastic that Rajagopalan Vasudevan, Professor of Chemistry at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai came up with the idea of using waste plastic, along with bituminous mixes, for road construction.

“There are more than 7,000 plastic manufacturing companies in Tamil Nadu alone, so banning plastic is not an ideal solution,” he says. He zeroed in on a new technology that is now being used for the construction of over one lakh kms of road in 11 states. In 2015-2016, the National Rural Road Development Agency laid around 7,500 km of roads using plastic waste....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu Business Line

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