How to save water the old way

The water crisis in India has sent alarm bells ringing and prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to appeal to citizens to create awareness and share knowledge of traditional water conservation. TOI took a tour of several villages across the country — where many of the old water conservation methods have been kept alive — and found that amid water scarcity and rapidly depleting groundwater in the country, traditional wisdom has come to the rescue in many a parched land.

Uttarakhand: Stone-lined tanks

People in the hills of Uttarakhand worship naulas — fondly called water temples — many of which were built by the Katyuri and Chand dynasties in the 7th century. These small stone structures are meant to store water that sees rapid run-off in the hills. Trees such as madeera, banj, kharsu are planted nearby to boost water accumulation. Over 64,000 of these water retaining structures exist in the hill state out of which 60,000 have now dried up. Read more

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