Watch your carbon footprint

There’s a lot that changed my view on the earth and ‘saving it for our children,’ a certain Mr DiCaprio’s good looks notwithstanding.  Much like how charity begins at home, so does saving the environment.

I remember getting on the right track a couple of years ago watching An Inconvenient Truth.  What struck me the most back then was Al Gore bringing home the assumption we all tend to have that “the earth is so big, we can’t possibly have any lasting, harmful impact on its environment.”  I mean seriously, how many of us here in India really care about what we’re doing when we throw that plastic bag on the roadside?  Graphic descriptions of how global warming and climate change could potentially melt ice sheets and raise sea levels thereby flooding coastal areas, leaving millions of human refugees in its wake, certainly threw that thought right out the window.  It was sometime after that, when Leonardo DiCaprio’s Eleventh Hour was released, that awareness about climate change managed to target a broader spectrum of people the world over.......Read more



Source: Deccan Herald

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