Virtual teams build wonders

Vikas Ranjan Mahatoprofessor at OP Jindal University, writes notes for those who prepare for Coal India and puts them up on Notesgen, a startup, which serves as a platform for sharing notes. "Within 3 weeks, close to 500 people buy my notes and benefit from my contribution,"said Mahato, whose notes help the MBA and BE students who take up the exams every year.

A clutch of startups democratise learning through sharing notes,making projects together. Using Notesgen, students could earn for uploading notes. "Before exams, students throng the photocopy shop near college to get copies the notes of the toppers' notes. We are doing it on a larger scale, sharing notes with people from other countries. We have seen notes from India being accessed by users in Pakistan, Russia etc," said Manak Gulati, founder, Notesgen. The startup, which a commission per sale, has over 65,000 notes on its platform....................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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