Books without borders

You would go there if you lost something precious. You’d probably also go there if something is irking you in your neighbourhood. And, more often than not, you’d try your best to never go there. But, have you considered going to your nearest police station to bring home a book of Shakespeare’s writing?

If you live in and around Mylapore in Chennai, you can do just that. Walk into the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mylapore, and walk out with a book in hand. And, you don’t have to be afraid to just pick one off the shelf, and walk off, because it is a Little Free Library!

You can find Little Free Libraries in many parts of the world and anyone can start one. All you need to do is keep a book in place of the one you take from the shelf. And, there’s no librarian to keep a watch on you.

If you have a few good books that you want people to read, a shelf and a space that is accessible to the public, you can even start one. And, the one at the police station is a fairly recent addition to the list of Little Free Libraries in Chennai, and India.................Read more


Source web page: The Hindu 

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