Indian billionaire brothers launch AI development research institute

On Wednesday, Indian billionaire brothers Romesh and Sunil Wadhwani announced the formation of a $30 million nonprofit research institute focused on applications of artificial intelligence to solve global development challenges.

Based in Mumbai, the nonprofit will partner with the government of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Within the next two to three years, the goal is to have 30 to 50 researchers working full time on leveraging AI to “improve the quality of life for the bottom 2 billion in the world,” Sunil Wadhwani told Devex.

The group will partner with Mumbai University, several India Institutes of Technology, and American universities including the University of Southern California and New York University. These universities will send students to India to work on these challenges so that at any given time 70 to 100 researchers are doing this work.

Examples of projects might include leveraging AI to help farmers understand when they should plant their seeds, or to improve the training of community health workers, or to address high dropout rates in rural schools. Within the first year, the goal is to have developed solutions that demonstrate the potential of AI to benefit the poor and then continue to build on those early examples......Read more


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