Food Matters

A career in nutrition gains immense relevance today, opening up multiple avenues.

The was little awareness about the field of nutrition in India 30 years ago. Now, however, the field is evolving, making the role of nutritionists or dietitians, significant in the healthcare realm. In the past, not many hospitals had a dietitian in the team, and the career was vague. Over the years, the scenario has changed, and today, many medical colleges offer courses in clinical nutrition.

Currently, it is mandatory for all hospitals to get the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) tag, and to attain this, the team should have qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and pharmacists. Initially, when the NABH was introduced, the role of dietitian was defined clearly and it became one of the essentials for a complete healthcare team to have qualified dietitians on board.

To build a career

People who pursue clinical nutrition have the opportunity to create their own career and can become experts in the field. Today, it is important for a student to pursue the two-year master’s course apart from the basic degree, combined with internships that give real-time experience. One can acquire expertise if trained under a professional, with significant experience. The upcoming generation should understand that a career in nutrition at the start is not about the money but it is the experience. A complete two-year experience in a multi-speciality hospital, under an experienced dietitian, can add more credit to the qualification......Read more


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