Gurgaon to get its first disaster management plan

Additional deputy commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh is working on a disaster management plan wherein capacity-building activities have been lined up at the level of schools, government colleges, government departments and industries in the city and villages outside the city limits as well. Waking up to the tremors felt in Gurgaon from the earthquakes in Nepal and the city's high-risk vulnerability, Singh called a meeting of various government departments, village heads, industries, schools and colleges in the district on June 11 to formulate a disaster response team and plan for the district.

Singh told TOI that a disaster management cell would be created across 100 government schools, five government colleges, 50 villages and government departments functioning in the district. "The respective principals or appointed nodal officers will head the cell in each case and will work towards awareness campaigns, structural and non-structural audits for safety equipment and measures to be taken before and after disasters," Singh said.........Read more


Source web page: Times of India

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