Rights activists visit Uthapuram

A fact-finding team of various human rights organisations visited Uthapuram village in Madurai district and Dombucheri village in Theni district on Sunday for assessing the situation in the wake of allegations of caste atrocities and police excesses against Dalits.

The team, comprising writer A. Marx, M. Sivagurunathan, K. Palanisamy and Rajni of the People's Union for Human Rights; G. Sugumaran, secretary, Federation for People's Rights Puducherry; S. Kochadai, People's Education Organisation; M. Barakathulla, National Confederation of Human Rights Organisation, Dindigul; and Viduthalai Veeran, Adi Tamizhar Peravai, conducted interviews with Ravichandran, Inspector of Police, Elumalai, and the Dalits.........Click for more




Source Web Page: The Hindu

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