Itching Scourge of Sarkarpathi tribals

 Twisting and turning on a frayed straw mat and in contact with the mud floor dusted with firewood remains, the seven-year-old boy is scratching his hands and neck even as he attempts to speak. His skin is the colour of brown ash, the colour of his floor. He shouts out to his mother frequently, complaining about the incessant itching.

“I am scratching only because I cannot control the itching,” he says and shows his palm filled with boils and wounds. He is not the only one sufferingIt all started about two months ago with a single boil 

 on 13-year-old G Jaya, according to the residents of Sarkarpathi at Vettaikaranpudur town panchayat in Annaimalai block. Now, more than half of the tribal population in and around the region suffer from the scabies — a highly contagious skin infestation, according to social workers.  

Of the 43 families residing on the bank of the canal, through which flows the water released from the Sarkarpathi power house, about 40 people, mostly children, suffer from scabies.

“We have been living in the region for more than 50 years and it is for the first time that we are suffering from a skin disease,” says G Karupai (22), a resident, who complains of an increase in the rashes and severity of itching with every passing day...Read more


Source web page:New indian express

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