Education, an uphill task for the tribals of Udumanparai

For children of the Kaadar community in the Western Ghats, getting an education means leaving home at the age of six to stay at residential schools.

Deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats near Valparai, over a 100 km from Coimbatore, is the small tribal hamlet of Udumanparai. The inhabitants of the village, the Kaadar community, live in literal isolation, largely ignored by the State. However, they are determined that their children should get proper education at any cost.

“We cannot afford to compromise on education, especially in these times,” says Kamaraj, a tea estate worker and young father of two. His older child is away at boarding school but the younger one, Kasturi, 8, is at home because she is ill. But she happily plays in a stream nearby...................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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