Wonder world on wheels?

This project is directed towards identifying, recycling and reusing New Delhi’s redundant Blueline buses. Blueline buses, plying in Delhi NCR, which are laid off the roads due to age and metal fatigue, find a new life in their redundancy and acquire a gainful and socially meaningful avatar. Pallavi Kalra, student of Interior Architecture and Design selected her thesis project ‘Wonder World on Wheels’ after a lot of introspection. During her research, she realised and concluded that to create something truly original, it requires a lot of work, research and out-of-the-box thinking. According to her, the character of Design is thinking completely off the beaten path and creating something which no one has thought about before.

Driving through Delhi NCR she noticed quite a few Blueline buses that had been rendered useless, due to obsolete machinery or metal fatigue. She also observed that often the homeless and destitute rested in the shade of the buses. That’s when she decided that she would combine Design with Recycling to create something functional and named it the Wonder World On Wheels.......................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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