To be differently abled, and gifted

Hans Dalal is affected by cerebral palsy, but he overcame the challenge to become a sound engineer and then followed his passion and became a tiger conservationist. Malvika Iyer lost both her arms in a grenade explosion but with caring, technology and grit, is now doing her Ph D, apart from continuing her efforts for inclusiveness of the differently-abled. Sunil Desai, who lost the use of his limbs, overcame despondence to start an organisation that provides caregivers for those who cannot look after themselves.

These are just three of the 15 people whose accounts feature in Gifted, a book on people who have overcome their disabilities, written by Sudha Menon and VR Ferose. The stories are honest. Beating the odds came with much despair and frustration at various stages – living among society, during school and college admissions, not being admitted to a course or a job despite having the marks, periods of depression when they almost gave up. But this led to much insight, which is delivered in pithy statements throughout the for more


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