Therapy through the loom

Three NGOs and a studio decide to empower the specially abled with the skill of weaving, and the result is a creative delight

A burst of kaleidoscopic colours, the kind you can only get when someone’s imagination is let loose, spills over the fabric of the products on display at the Weawin launch. Some lines run straight, some cross each other, the reds stand out against the white, while the yellows and greens nuzzle. The iPad sleeves, spectacle cases, tote bags, and wallets, among others on display, are all made of cotton.

The products of Weawin, a brand created in collaboration with three NGOs, are all made of fabric spun by people with intellectual disabilities.

It started when Shuttles and Needles, a city-based creative textile art studio and supply store, joined hands with Maithree, Vasantham, and We CAN India, to acquaint their trainers with freestyle weaving, which can be used as a tool for therapy. “That was three years ago. Recently, we thought, why not make use of all the fabric we are getting out of it? All the returns from these sales are given back to the people who made them, so that they can be productive members of the society,” says R Naresh, managing director of Shuttles and Needles.....Read more


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