Breathing life into the Madurai Sungudi

A group of mentally challenged individuals are breathing life into Madurai Sungudi

Inside the vocational training centre of M S Chellamuthu Trust & Research Foundation, eight women and a man sit at tables working intently on white pieces of cloth. They tie small knots on the fabric with concentration and are a picture of patience. Mentally-challenged, they are part of an innovative project designed to facilitate their rehabilitation.

“When we started teaching them to tie the sungudi knots in September last year, their hands quivered and they could barely hold the cloth to tie the threads,” says Hema Arun Amarnath, a key resource person from local NGO Tharagai. However, recently, three of them were acknowledged as artisans as they received their first payment and also saw their end product, sungudi dupattas, go for sale.....Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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