Blind Bengaluru teacher is crowdfunding to save his school for disabled.

CM Kathavarayan has been running WARDS, a school for disabled children for the past 26 years. Currently, the school is facing an extreme fund crunch even when crowdfunding efforts are in full swing 

let's go back to the 1950s. C M Kathavarayan was just a little boy then. He was cheerful, carefree and would run around with the other little boys. But all that happiness was short lived. Little Kathavarayan suddenly fell sick with a fever. In order to help him recover, his family tried various remedies and cures, which included a herbal eye drop by his grandmother. Although it was successful in bringing down the fever, his family wasn't happy with the outcome because the little boy lost his eyesight in the process. 

How devastating it must have been for the child, especially at a time when blind children were considered good for nothing and many taboos and superstitions surrounding disabilities existed. But Kathavarayan fought against them all. He studied hard and successfully completed his BA, MA and BEd. He then went on to secure a job, first as a high school teacher for the visually impaired and later, as a teacher trainer. 

But he always knew that he was capable of doing so much more for society, especially for children with mental and physical disabilities. And out of that thought, in 1992, Welfare Association for Rehabilitation of Disabled and Society (WARDS) was born in Bengaluru, to care for children with special needs.....Read more


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