Be the Voice of Change

Lend an ear; your voice can do wonders for someone in need. For more than 10 months now, youngsters from Thiruvananthapuram have taken to the vocation of lending their voice for making audio textbooks for the visually challenged. College-goers and professionals have whole-heartedly supported this venture, which is expanding to newer horizons. The ‘voice books’ have been made for the Government Blind School here.

Jishnu K, the coordinator, says, “This mission intends to ensure that sufficient academic books are available to the visually-challenged. Those who volunteer must have dedication, as they must be ready to record a full chapter or a whole book. It may be for this reason that some people do not stay for long, and leave after doing the task for a few minutes.”

Jishnu plans to organise extensive campaigns in colleges, so that students who are ready to lend their voices for the cause can be found easily to form a collective...........Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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