Spotlight on challenges faced by Children

he shocking classroom murder in the city has turned the spotlight on the influence of movies and other forms of popular culture on schoolchildren.

Reports that the 15-year-old boy, who allegedly murdered his teacher on Thursday morning, was influenced by a film he had recently seen, reminded old timers of the grisly multiple murders committed by a youth, Jayaprakash in February 1984. The obvious similarity was that Jayaprakash too had taken in too many details of the murder depicted in the film ‘Nooravadu Naal day)'.

“Definitely films have an effect on children. Unfortunately, film critics are failing in their duty by being too soft on films that glorify rowdy behaviour,” said Gnani Sankaran, writer and social critic. “It calls for some kind of regulation. Film guidelines have to be implemented and film appreciation classes introduced at the school level so that children can look at things in the right perspective.”........Read More

Source: The Hindu

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