Headmistress ‘turns' child torturer

In a gruesome incident that came to light a day later, the headmistress of a Government Primary School caused burns to eleven children with a burning log in Jamalandlapalli village, here on Monday.

The headmistress, Sruthi Keerthi (50), plucked the burning log from the hearth where the mid-day meal was being cooked for the children – all studying in Class I and II -- allegedly to “control” them. She pressed the burning firewood onto their hands, neck and legs resulting in grievous injuries to three children and minor ones to the rest. She also sternly warned them not to report the matter to anyone, or else they would receive more punishment.

The students – Mote Sanjeeva, D. Vinay, D. Naveen, Bandi Navya, K. Vinod, P. Kartheek, M. Chanti, B. Ramya, M. Laxman, G. Banni and K. Yamini went back silently to their homes and returned on Tuesday morning with their parents who stormed the school. On seeing the crowd approach the school, the headmistress fled the spot without opening the doors.......Click for more


 Source Web Page: The Hindu

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