CSR is larger than philanthropy

Today, what CSR implies is that you factor in the cost of doing philanthropy, good works, engaging with the community, and then whatever is left you call that “responsible profit”.

 At Mint’s Clarity Through Debate Conclave, titled “Social Responsibility: The Business Imperative”, on 29 September, a panel of experts from various fields discussed the state of philanthropy in India today.

What is the relationship between business and philanthropy in India today?
Deval Sanghavi, chief executive officer (CEO), Dasra: Giving itself is actually quite difficult to do. Many people think that they can use one way of thinking when looking at businesses, but when it comes to philanthropy, they find the first organization that’s either close to them or that they’ve heard about and write a cheque in that manner.......Read more


Source: Live Mint

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