When transgender people tell their pain through Art...

A hundred transgender people from across the country tell their stories of pain through art at Shut Up, a show by transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam

My name is Ramya. I’m from Washermanpet. When I was younger, four men forcefully dragged me from the streets and sexually assaulted me. Two of them hit me with wooden rods. I cannot get over the incident; it haunts me every day.

My name is Parimala. I’m 68 years old. I live in Ernavoor. I make a living by begging for money at shops. I’ve been taking care of my brothers all these years. But they don’t love me. I feel bad. I wish they show me some affection. I sometimes wonder if I should take my life.

My name is Varsha. When I was walking by Chennai’s streets one night with a friend, a passing policeman suddenly took us into custody. He physically abused us. We told him we didn’t do anything wrong. He said that someone like us had stolen some money and that we were arrested on suspicion. But the next morning, he casually said that we could go. We were at the police station the whole night for no fault of ours.

These are some of the stories that transgender activist and artist Kalki Subramaniam and transwoman Sowndharya Gopi documented as part of their project #MeTooFiles. For over one year, Kalki, the founder of Sahodari Foundation Centre for Education, Arts and Media, and Sowndharya, travelled across Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karnataka, and Kerala, documenting stories of pain and suppression of over 100 transwomen. “We got them to place a hand impression with paint on handmade paper. Once it dried up, we wrote their stories on it,” says Kalki. A selection of these works will feature in Shut Up, an art show to be held in the city......Read more


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