The new age of Ajrakh

How do you take the age-old craft of ajrakh printing and give it a modern twist? Well, apart from saris, dupattas and dress materials for which it has been used for nearly four centuries, you use it in new and different ways in bags and boots as well as create fresh patterns and designs for a contemporary feel.

Which is exactly what Bhoomi Dani and Priyam Shah of Ahmedabad-based Vraj:Bhoomi are doing. Creating concept clothing, footwear and accessories in ajrakh, the partners have been working closely with the craftsmen of Ajrakhpur in Kutch to revive this regional art and take it to a global audience.

This highly skilled and heavily patterned block-printing process came to Kutch from Sindh some 400 years ago...................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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