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Participants fall in love with the beautiful art form of calligraphy at a workshop organised by Amruta Walvekar of Wrapistry

A set of sheets clipped neatly onto an exam pad, a bottle of black imported ink, a ceramic bowl of water, a calligraphy pen, and its nib kept sealed inside a pink envelope. The setting looks like the one in the movie Letters to Juliet, where a group of women who call themselves ‘secretaries of Juliet’ sit down to write replies to letters that hopeful lovers leave at the walls beneath the courtyard in Verona, where Juliet is believed to have been wooed by Romeo. This is, however, just a calligraphy workshop for beginners, organised by Wrapistry.

I identify my seat right at the end of a long conference table at the Summit room of Taj Club House. The four-hour workshop is about to begin, and Amruta Walvekar, founder of Wrapistry, and organiser of the workshop, is walking around the room, helping the 20-odd participants fix the nib at a 55-degree angle..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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