Preserved for posterity

For art enthusiasts, restoration and preservation of ancient works offers multifaceted options.

Art occupies a momentous position in our lives as well as in our hearts. Maybe because it has stood the testimony of time itself. Making a mark since the earliest known human civilization, art has helped us identify our lineage, understand our religion, and, to this day, forms a critical base for our social system in general and our lives in particular.

For enthusiasts who understand what art is, and yes, it’s not a ‘few strokes of paint on a canvas’, art has unparalleled potential in various career options. One such glamorous, multifaceted option is that of art restoration and conservation. To state plainly, an art restoration and conservation professional restores, preserves and analyses artefacts and works of art. A career in this field requires a perfect balance between knowledge of the science and skills in art. Although the field is similar, both these career options entail different things.

A conservator may specialise in a particular type of object or material, such as paintings, books, sculptures or textiles..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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