'This is the only kind of painting I understand'

There are a lot of things Japan could use right now, but a fancy new art museum in the suburbs is probably not on anyone's list.Try telling that, though, to Masao Hoki, the man behind the Hoki Museum, which opened Nov. 3 in the Asumigaoka area of Chiba.

Built at a cost of 300 million yen ($3.6 million), the private museum doesn't just fly in the face of Japan's economic reality--it also does a barrel-roll around what most of us would consider high art.Completely at odds with its cutting-edge exterior, the museum is filled (except for a few ceramics) with contemporary realist paintings.Imagine what Vermeer might produce were he with us today running a photo studio, and you get an idea of the museum's collection.............Click for more



Source Web Page: Ashai.com

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