Story telling on canvas

Cheriyal, a small village, 85 km from Warangal and 100 km from Hyderabad, is home to one of the most beautiful artistic traditions that still exists. Delightful as the name of the village sounds, this is also the birthplace of work that can stunningly transform a wall in any home or living space.

With earthy colours, fine detailing of brushwork and magnificent stories from the Epics, the Puranas and other mythological tales, the paintings are in line with the oral tradition of storytelling in those parts of the country. They come alive on the khadi canvas carefully prepared over weeks of prepping for the right texture.

The visuals are not just about gods and goddesses. Deviating from the favourites, there are the humble farmer, women working in rice fields, banana sellers, vegetable vendors, boys and girls, babies and dogs and all general things of everyday life.

The beautiful range of Cheriyal scroll paintings on display at the Vennirul Art Gallery, C.P. Art Centre, speaks of an endangered craftwork which has its origin in the 15th Century. Despite having withstood the onslaught of time, it is a fading tradition due to the lack of enough creative souls who can carry this forward into an increasingly digital future....Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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