Painting a therapeutic picture

Pointing towards the paintings displayed in the school, 79-year-old Kaya Gurunath says with pride, “Will anyone say these paintings are made by children with physical and mental challenges?”
Gurunath has been helping these differently-abled children paint at Vidyanjali Therapy Centre, Chennai, in Tamil Nadu for the past six months.

Manjith, 14 (name changed), who can’t work with a paintbrush, is helped by the tutor. He squeezes colours of red and white from a bottle, which could be mistaken for a sauce squeezer at a bakery shop, on to the canvas. Manjith blows into a straw which spreads in a circle creating tiny cherry blossoms on a white and pink-laced canvas. He lets out a snort of laughter and joy at his own creation...............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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