Door Details: A Melange of All Things Indian

Heavy wooden doors with lamp soot and vermillion imprints, door numbers, traditional locks, peeling layers of paint, faded walls and ancient movie posters quickly capture one's attention amid the artwork by K R Santhana Krishnan, known as ‘Door Santhanam.’ Working on the theme ‘doors’ has been his bread and butter for over 18 years. He travels and documents the heritage and culture of India lying beyond the doors, which according to him, is the entrance to warmth, happiness and a million secrets.

So, how did his love for doors begin? “My door connection goes way back to my childhood in Kumbakonam. I grew up in the traditional Brahmin agraharam and used to walk to school every day looking at the different doors, pondering about the life within,” he says................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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