Vocalist Mukul Shivputra to tour south India

Hindustani classical aficionados are in for a grand treat as eminent vocalist of the Gwalior gharana, Pandit Mukul Shivputra, the son of the legendary vocalist, Kumar Gandharva, is set to undertake a tour of South India.

The tour will commence on April 8 and end on April 22, with six concerts scheduled to be held at Belagavi, Dharwad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mysuru.

The objective of the tour is to pay rich tributes to his gurus — his father Kumar Gandharva (born Shivaputra Siddharamayya Komkalimath) and the celebrated exponent of Carnatic music, M.D. Ramanathan — as well as help establish a Gurukul, which has long been Pt. Shivputra’s dream.


Carnatic tradition

Known for his mastery over the Gwalior, Agra and Jaipur gharana styles of singing, Pt. Shivputra is equally dexterous in the Carnatic tradition, in which he was trained by M.D. Ramanathan.

Pt. Shivputra has long been considered as the enfant terrible of Hindustani classical music due to his temperamental and mercurial persona. His controversial behaviour — attributed to his personal tragedies — has often made news as have his rapturous and exhilarating performances, earning him a fiercely loyal following among the younger adherents of Hindustani classical music.

The first leg of the tour will begin at Belagavi’s Lokmanya Rangmandir on the morning of April 8 to coincide with Pt. Kumar Gandharva’s birth anniversary.....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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