The sound of the sand dunes

They are feted around the world, but Manganiyars always return home, to their beedis and their courtyards

“BelgiumHongKongParisGermanyAmsterdamRomaniaMongolia...” The names of cities and countries tumble into each other when you ask Hakim Khan, 77, about the global stages where he has played his precious kamaicha. The weather-beaten string instrument, faded to a beautiful brown, is perched precariously on a chair and Khan watches it like a hawk, his hands often reaching out to caress it.

The kamaicha is an heirloom and has been around since Khan’s great-grandfather’s time. Like all Manganiyars, music is something he inherited from his community of minstrels, who dot the Thar landscape of Barmer and Jaisalmer. He learnt from his father but also wandered far and perfect his technique for 17 years under other kamaicha ustads and gurus.......................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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