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Joshua Fienberg says that Hindustani music has made him a better person

It is a mixed feeling for sitar artiste Joshua (Josh for short) Fienberg as he journeys from one city to another (favourite being Pune and Kolkata), during his annual stay of four to five weeks in India.

“I manage to take time out for concerts. It is tiring but exciting,” says Josh.

Jewish by birth and American by citizenship, Josh was raised in a family of music lovers. Classical piano at age four and bass at eight, Josh at 12 had decided on music as his life’s calling.

Josh’s concert at Udayswar, hosted by Pancham Nishad at the Prithvi theatre, Mumbai, as early as 7.30 a.m. was well attended. 

He started with aalap and jod, followed by dhrut teen taal in raag Bhatiyar. He then played a short aalap followed by gat in Sitarkhani madhyalaya and dhrut teen taal in raag Nat Bhairav. He concluded his performance with short aalap followed by a dhun set to Dadra in Mishra Bhairavi.

Much thought and planning had gone into his choice of ragas and they were apt for the time of the day. Tabla accompaniment by Anubrata Chatterjee, was appropriate to the mood of the performance. The audience response was excellent, both in terms of attendance and appreciation.....Read more


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