Let art find your child

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A few weeks ago I had spoken of becoming a professor at the newly launched Krea University. Education should be fluid, allowing us to combine memory and meaning, logic and passion, mathematics and music if we so wish.

I had spoken of the need for polymaths. Ground reality, however, is different. Parents continue to worry, and stop music lessons or dance lessons the moment a child enters senior grades in school. I hear their anxiety. But I disagree with their thought process.

This weekend I was by the docksides in Tiruvottriyur in North Chennai to address students at the Pioneer Music Academy. In a geography known to be rough and non-conducive to artistic development, here were a 100 or more children asking me about Bach and Behag in equal measure. I was thoroughly impressed.

Some of these youngsters had persisted and kept at their musical training despite parental objections. Given the economics of the neighborhood, I cannot imagine this was an easy feat.

When I contrasted the two paradigms, I felt that we still haven't truly understood the effect art has on a child’s development and why the need for blending learning and allowing for flexibility is vital especially as a child enters his teen years or senior grades in school. Here are some responses to popular concerns on the topic......Read more


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