How Imran Rasheed became crazy about theatre

Imran Rasheed has done it all, from serving tea backstage to writing and directing plays

When Imran Rasheed did the play ‘Phir Se Shaadi’ on the problems in the life of a young couple due to the Islamic practice of halala,Naseeruddin Shah told him he didn’t know there are even artistes from Bulandshahr, referring to the producer-writer-director-actor’s hometown that was in the news for law and order problem.

Imran grew up in Bulandshahr and then went to Aligarh Muslim University . “Theatre was hardly on my mind. Nobody in my family had even heard of it. When I went to Aligarh, I discovered the world of theatre; because Naseeruddin Shah was from Aligarh, he was talked about a lot. I heard of Nadira Zaheer Babbar too, because her uncle lived in that town.”

While Imran was trying to get into student politics, a friend suggested he get into theatre. So he joined the theatre club there. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But for the next five years, I went there every single day. I started doing some plays and connected with people from theatre. I had no idea till I came to Mumbai that there could be professional theatre and regular shows, that plays ran for years on end. In Aligarh, we did 30-minute shows and after one performance, a play folded up. I believed that is how theatre is done.”....Read more


Source web page: The hindu

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