Gharana in carnatic vocals

: As a young girl of eight, she would be happily humming all the songs that her sister learnt from their neighbour Padma Narasimhan, who later on became her first guru. Born and raised in Kolkata, Lalita Sharma, who later moved to Chennai in 2013, has been performing and teaching Hindustani music. A disciple of VR Krishnan and Pandit Jasraj, she has trained in the Mewati gharana of Hindustani music. The vocalist took time off her schedule to talk to CE about being married to music, the shift from Carnatic to Hindustani and training under Pandit Jasraj.

How did you know you wanted to shift to Hindustani?

My initial years of training in Carnatic were in Kolkata, after which I came to Chennai and enrolled at the Government Music College and finished my BA in music. I went back to Kolkata but back then, one could not flourish as a south Indian classical vocalist there. So I listened to a lot of Hindustani music, and I liked it. At that time, my mother fell ill and other things happened too, and Hindustani music came to me as a boon. It was calm, and meditative. That’s one of the main reasons why I shifted.

What’s common between the two genres?

The ragas...many are common; the way it is presented is different. The main thing, however, is connecting the notes....Read more


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