Darling of online rasikas

Sooryagayathri, the 12-year-old Carnatic YouTube sensation who has notched up millions of views and fans, is being groomed to fill the vacuum left by none less than the legendary MS Subbulakshmi


When the shruti box is plugged in and set to G sharp, there is a sudden transformation in the house. The clanging of the kitchen utensils quiets down, the mixer-grinder is switched off and even five-year-old Shiva Soorya tiptoes silently into his room. It is practice time in Sooryagayathri’s house and the only sounds are those coming from the fingers of her father, PV Anilkumar, tuning the pitch of his mridangam as the 12-year-old hums slowly, allowing her voice to expand into every corner of her home. Anilkumar’s gaze is intent upon his daughter, in readiness for her cue. In a few moments, it is a sideways glance from the curly-haired girl, dressed in a blue frock, that brings a smile on his face and off they go exploring the depths of the Annamacharya composition ‘Brahmam Okate’, which deems the dwelling spirit in every creature to be one and the same.

Soorya, as she is fondly called, sings with her eyes closed, her fingers moving in perfect sync with the upbeat adi talam count of her father’s mridangam-playing. They exchange eye-contact at every verse, even as the eight-beat talam mounts to a crescendo. When the song ends, Anilkumar is tranquil, eyes moist, wrapped up in the sublime aura of his daughter’s music. A few more songs later, the shruti box is unplugged and off run Soorya and her brother to play with their friends outside the neighbourhood Ayyappa temple......Read more

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